Inside Look

Environmental Psychology

Written by Dr. Richard Osbaldiston

Global warming, melting polar ice caps, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, super-storms like Sandy and Katrina—could psychology possibly have any ways to solve problems like these?

Pursuing Goals

Written by Jonathan S. Gore, Ph.D.

Children and Grief

Written by Cheryl Ramey MS LPCC

The tragic and recent circumstances at Sandy Hook Elementary raised a number of potential issues for persons who work with kids, primarily with how to help them cope with sudden loss. Young children’s reactions vary based on age and understanding of the event. Some common reactions and strategies to use may be:

How Do I Prepare for a Career in Positive Psychology?

By Richard Osbaldiston, Personality and Social Psychology

Positive psychology is about helping people live up to their greatest potential.  Are there careers available for you to help others live their best lives?

What is Positive Psychology?

By Richard Osbaldiston, Personality and Social Psychology

Autism and Psychology

By Dr. Myra Beth Bundy, Clinical Psychology

Autistic disorder is a set of developmental differences in communication, social, and leisure behaviors.  In the past decade, interest in this spectrum has exploded!  Skills in the area of psychology are certainly relevant to understanding and working with individuals on the autism spectrum. 

What is Procrastination, and How Do I Stop Doing It?

By Richard Osbaldiston, Personality and Social Psychology

Procrastination is basically self-sabotage.  It happens whenever you put a lower priority item in front of a higher-priority item on your to-do list.  The classic example is watching TV when you should be studying. 

What is School Psychology?

By Dr. Andrea Strait, School Psychology