Inside Look

Student Spotlight: Cherie Martin

Cherie Martin online psychology degree program student

Cherie Martin, Psychology (Stanford, KY)

Student Spotlight: Tiffany Roberts

The staff are all very helpful. You are dealing with people who want to see you succeed and are genuinely happy for you when you do.

Student Spotlight: Christian Toelke

I began my college experience as an on-campus student but needed more flexibility for work, my courses and studying. I made the decision to enroll in the online program and found the program to be very beneficial. I am now able to successfully juggle my course load, employment, and family time.

Student Spotlight: Tiffani Carrol Maggard

Tiffani Carrol Maggard Student in Online Psychology Degrees Program

Tiffani Carrol Maggard, Psychology (Burnside, KY)

Student Spotlight: Amanda Feltner

Amanda Feltner, EKU Online Psychology Program

"I have had an outstanding experience in EKU's online program. I get the same education that I would receive in a classroom, but around my schedule. I love it!"

Signs of ADHD and School

Written by Dan Florell, Ph.D., NCSP

What Makes a Boy?

Written by Dr. Steffen Wilson and Dr. Dan Florell