Inside Look

Psychology Is Worth It

Written by Donald Alexander Varakin, Ph.D.

Everyday Creativity

Written by Steffen Wilson, Ph.D

The Psychology of Extended Warranties

Written by Dr. Richard Osbaldiston

As a consumer, you have probably been asked if you want to purchase an extended warranty.  Nowadays, these warranties can apply to everything from pretty small items (like blenders or power tools) to major purchases (like refrigerators or cars).

Student Spotlight: Cherie Martin

Cherie Martin online psychology degree program student

Cherie Martin, Psychology (Stanford, KY)

Student Spotlight: Tiffany Roberts

The staff are all very helpful. You are dealing with people who want to see you succeed and are genuinely happy for you when you do.

Student Spotlight: Christian Toelke

I began my college experience as an on-campus student but needed more flexibility for work, my courses and studying. I made the decision to enroll in the online program and found the program to be very beneficial. I am now able to successfully juggle my course load, employment, and family time.

Student Spotlight: Tiffani Carrol Maggard

Tiffani Carrol Maggard Student in Online Psychology Degrees Program

Tiffani Carrol Maggard, Psychology (Burnside, KY)

Student Spotlight: Amanda Feltner

Amanda Feltner, EKU Online Psychology Program

"I have had an outstanding experience in EKU's online program. I get the same education that I would receive in a classroom, but around my schedule. I love it!"