Inside Look

Today's Connection to Freudian Psychology

Written by Dr. Myra Beth Bundy

So… how many of you have thought about Sigmund Freud today?  How many other people do you think have thought of him recently? 

If you had asked me this question last month, I would have said “No” and “Not that many.”  I would have been incorrect.

How do I know if my online Psychology degree is as good as a traditional in-classroom degree at EKU?

Fancy you should ask that question…

Have you ever wondered if earning your degree online at EKU gives you the same quality education as earning a degree in the traditional classroom?  Have you ever thought about if in-person students academically outperform online students?  Well….have we got news for you!

Brains That See

Written by D.A. Varakin, Ph.D.

The Psychological Science of Meditation

Written by Matthew P. Winslow, PhD

Tips for Success in Online Courses

Written by Dr. Richard Osbaldiston

Learn more and like it better by connecting with other students

Oprah Winfrey said the number one thing that she learned from doing her TV show for 25 years was that people need to make connections.  She said that was her goal for every episode—to help people feel connected.

Freud in a Nutshell

Written by Dr. Richard Osbaldiston

Tweeters, Twerkers, Tattoos

Written by Dr. Jerry Palmer

Capoeira, Aché, and Psychology

Written by Dr. Radhika N. Makecha