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EKU Online Psychology Program Ranked Among 2017 Most Affordable Forensic Psychology Degrees

EKU’s online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Forensic Psychology Concentration has been ranked among the most affordable in the OnlineU - SR Education Group’s 2017 Most Affordable Forensic Psychology Degree Program rankings.

Who is fighting California fires? Creating a sense of purpose for prison inmates

By: Richard Osbaldiston, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology for EKU Online

In recent years, the number and intensity of California wildfires has grown.  The price tag on just one fire last September was over $1 billion in losses. 

Space travel and the explorer gene

By: Richard Osbaldiston, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology for EKU Online

Are humans pre-programmed to be violent?

By: Richard Osbaldiston, Ph. D.

If you read or watch any news media, you will see headline after headline about the bad side of humanity: violence, murders, terror, and war.  And many of the most popular prime time TV shows and movies are built around plots that typically include the violent deaths of people.

EKU Ranked in Top Online Psychology Programs

The EKU Online Psychology program was recently ranked among the best online psychology programs in the country by EKU was rated number 15.

EKU Online psychology students complete research project on driving distractions

Everyone has heard the slogan “Don’t drink and drive.”  Now that practically everyone has a cell phone, the new rally has become “Don’t text and drive.”  But how much do drinking and texting—and other distractions—actually affect a person’s driving performance?

Experts Encourage Students to Make a Real Difference in Psych Rehab

“Psychology offers endless opportunities to make a difference in the world and to make your life count,” said Dr. Anthony M. Zipple, an instructor with the new psychiatric rehabilitation concentration of the EKU Online psychology degree.

Best Online Psychology Degree: EKU Ranks for Value

The EKU Online Psychology degree has been recognized as a Best Online Psychology Degree in recently released rankings. Eastern Kentucky University was ranked #30. It is the only Kentucky school on the list, which was compiled by College Values Online.

EKU Online Psychology Degree Adds Psychiatric Rehabilitation Concentration

EKU Online is adding a new degree concentration as part of its 100 percent online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program for fall 2016.

This concentration is designed to introduce students to the highly marketable sub-specialty of psychiatric rehabilitation and will offer graduates a competitive edge in the job market.