EKU Online: Psychology (B.S.)


Major Requirements


A minimum grade of “C” is required in all courses counted toward the major.

Section A:Each of the following courses

Section B: At least 3 hours from each of the following groups

Group 1—Biological Bases of Behavior

(students in the Substance Abuse or Brain and Cognitive Science Concentrations must select 311 for this group) 

Group 2—Cognition/Learning
Group 3—Developmental

(students in the Child and Family Psychology must select 312; students in the Psychology of the Workplace Concentration must select either 314 or 316) 

Group 4—Social/Personality

(students in the Substance Abuse, Autism Spectrum, Forensic, or Workplace Concentrations must select 308 in this area) 

Group 5—Skills

(Students in the Substance Abuse Concentration must select 490; students in the Child and Family Concentration must select 406; students in the Workplace Concentration must select 405)

Group 6—Capstone

Section C: 12 hours of psychology electives

Concentrations (Students may choose one or more concentrations. Those who do not choose one will be placed in the General Concentration.)

Psychology (General)..........................................9 hours 

9 hours of psychology electives. At least 3 hours must be numbered 400 or above. (PSY 280, 402 and 403 may not be used as a psychology elective.) 

Substance Abuse..................................................12 hours 

PSY 305, 405, 406, and 429 

Developmental Disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorders............................................12 hours 

PSY 312, 406, 408; PSY 477 or 577. 

Forensic Psychology............................................12 hours 

PSY 300, 305, 314, and 466. 

Child and Family Psychology............................12 hours 

PSY 314, 405, 408, and one of the following: 318, 321, or 377. 

Psychology of the Workplace.............................12 hours 

PSY 300, 305, 319, and 590. 

Brain and Cognitive Sciences.............................15-16 hours 

PSY 315, 317, and 413; one of the following: PSY 333, 530, or approved 497/597; one of the following: BIO 171, 301, 371, CSC 160, MAT 234(4) or 234H(4), or PHI 352.

At least 3 hours must be numbered 400 or above. Options include PSY 258 and 349 and 420 and 466 and 577.

University Requirements: 42 hours

General Education: 36 hours

Student Success Seminar (GSD 101; waived for transfers with 30+ hrs.): 3 hours

Wellness: 3 hours

Writing Intensive Course (Hours incorporated into Major/Supporting/Gen Ed/Free Electives category)

Upper Division Courses (42 hours distributed throughout Major/Supporting/Gen Ed/Free Electives categories)

ACCT: Psychology majors will fulfill ACCT with PSY 400 or 401 or 579. (Credit hours are incorporated into program requirements below.)

Free Electives:  28-35 hours

Any EKU course, including additional Psychology courses such as PSY 258 or 349 or 420 or 466 or 577.


Course Descriptions

PSY 200/200W: Introduction to Psychology

A survey of the major content areas and methods of psychology, including history, biological correlates, cognition, language, intelligence, motivation, emotion, development, personality, abnormal, therapy, and social behavior. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for PSY 200W.

PSY 250/250W Information Literacy in Psychology

Completion of developmental reading and writing requirements. Information literacy, reading, evaluating, summarizing scientific literature in Psychology; scientific writing (APA format); basic research terminology. Pre or corequisite: PSY 200.

PSY 258 Beyond the Undergraduate Degree

An exploration of career opportunities in Psychology and information about building the skills and credentials needed.  Pre or corequisite: PSY 250W.

PSY 309 Statistics-Research Methods I

Introduction to techniques and problems of the experimental method and statistical analysis in psychology. Representative experiments and data analysis will be discussed. Cross-listed as HEA 450. Prerequisite: MAT 105 or above with a of “C” or better, PSY 250 or ENG 102.

PSY 310 Statistics-Research Methods II

Continuation of PSY 309. Prerequisite: a minimum grade of “C” in PSY 291 or 309. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for PSY 301.

PSY 305: Psychology of Personality

Basic approaches to the study of personality. Theory and fact upon which these approaches are based are related to various kinds of behavior patterns. Prerequisite: PSY 200, ENG 102, CMS 100/102 or departmental approval.

PSY 308: Abnormal Psychology

Descriptive study of the nature, course, classification and prevalence of abnormal behavior, with attention to intellectual, personality, cognitive, sensory and motor functions. Prerequisite: PSY 200, ENG 102.

PSY 311: Physiological Psychology

Facts, concepts, and principles regarding physiological events that underlie behavior. Attention to contemporary research methods and problems undergoing study. Prerequisites: PSY 200 and PSY 250 or departmental approval.

PSY 312: Infant and Child Development

Theoretical and empirical approaches to the development of the infant and child with attention to perceptual, behavioral, social, and cognitive development and the capacity for learning. Prerequisite: PSY 200.

PSY 314: Adolescent and Adult Development

Survey of biological, psychological, social, cognitive, and historical influences on adolescent and adult development. Prerequisite: PSY 200, ENG 102.

PSY 317: Cognitive Psychology

Theoretical and empirical approaches to human cognition. Topics include knowledge acquisition and organization, memory, language, problem solving, and thinking skills. Prerequisites/corequisites: PSY 309 or departmental approval.

PSY 319: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Principles of psychology as applied to industry, business, and organizations. Course will focus on the individual employee, the job, the organization, and the work environment. Prerequisites: PSY 250, ENG 102, CMS 100/102 or departmental approval.

PSY 349 Cooperative Study: Psychology

Work in placements related to academic studies. One to eight hours credit per semester or summer and a total of 16 hours while at EKU. A minimum of 80 hours employment required for each semester hour credit. A maximum of three hours may be applied toward the major; additional hours count as upper division free electives (not psychology electives). Co-op is not applicable toward the 18 hours required for a psychology minor. Graded Pass-Fail. Prerequisites: PSY 250 and instructor approval, a GPA of at least 2.0.

PSY 400: Senior Seminar

The senior seminar examines contemporary psychological issues from each of the five core perspectives. Issues vary from semester to semester. May be retaken once, provided the subject matter differs each time. PSY311 or PSY 315, and PSY 313 or PSY 317 or PSY 333, and PSY 312 or PSY 314 or PSY 316, and PSY 300 or PSY 305 or PSY 308, or departmental approval.  Prerequisite or co-requisite: PSY 310, or departmental approval.

PSY 401: Senior Thesis

Design, execution, and writing of a supervised independent research project. Prerequisite: PSY 310, ENG 102, CMS 100/210 or instructor approval.

PSY 405: Psychological Interviewing and Reporting

Principles and techniques of interviewing and case reporting, with emphasis on applications in human services and personnel work. Prerequisite: 12 hours in PSY.

PSY 406: Introduction to Behavior Therapy

Principles and techniques of applying behavioral principles in the analysis of complex human behavior. Emphasis is placed on methods of observing behavior and analyzing functional relationships between behavior and environment. Prerequisite: PSY 250W, PSY 308, PSY 312/314, ENG 102.

PSY 420: Psychology of Women

Psychological theory and research about important facets of girls’ and women’s lives from birth through old age. Prerequisites: PSY 250W and ENG 102.

PSY 466: Forensic Psychology

Survey of the major areas of forensic psychology including mental health law, experimental psychology and the legal system, forensic assessment, theories of criminal behavior and law enforcement/correctional psychology. Prerequisites: PSY 250W, PSY 300, PSY 308, ENG 102

PSY 490: Clinical Psychology

Survey of clinical theories, methods, and approaches. Prerequisites: PSY  250, PSY 308, ENG 102 or departmental approval.

PSY 577 The Autism Spectrum

Introduction to assessment, diagnosis, and intervention in autism spectrum disorders across the life span.  Prerequisite: Department approval.

PSY 579: History and Systems of Psychology

A survey of the history of psychology and its various schools of thought and approaches to the study of behavior and mental processes. PSY311 or PSY 315, and PSY 313 or PSY 317 or PSY 333, and PSY 312 or PSY 314 or PSY 316, and PSY 300 or PSY 305 or PSY 308, or departmental approval.  Prerequisite or co-requisite: PSY 310, or departmental approval.