Career Outlook

With a bachelors psychology degree, you will be poised to enter the workforce in a variety of psychology careers, pursue graduate study or attend a professional school. 

Prepare for a master’s, doctoral or professional school program in areas including:

  • clinical psychology
  • school psychology
  • industrial organizational psychology
  • general/experimental psychology
  • counseling
  • law
  • medicine

 Surveys of recent EKU psychology graduates revealed that:

  • Graduates with interests in social services have become psychiatric assistants, youth counselors, health educators, group home counselors and child care providers.
  • Those interested in public service found employment as campaign managers, newspaper reporters and community recreation mangers.
  • Graduates who specialize in government have become probation and parole officers, parks and recreation specialists, community relations managers, urban planners and customs inspectors.
  • Those interested in education found their callings as admissions counselors, career advisors, financial aid counselors, research assistants or student affairs specialists.
  • Those interested in business are working as human resource specialists, marketing professionals, hotel managers, quality control officers and technical writers.

Find out how a Psychology degree can help you become a more competitive applicant for just about any job. (PDF)